Cosmetic glass bottle packaging advantages

Oct 28, 2022

Cosmetic glass bottle packaging advantages


Due to the good chemical stability of cosmetic glass bottles, it is not easy to react with the contents. Good transparency, can add iron, cobalt, chromium and other colorants in the raw material, the production of a variety of colors of glass bottles (such as amber glass, green glass, blue glass, black glass, white porcelain glass). Good heat resistance and deformation. High compressive strength, resistance to internal pressure;

High density, weight sense (suitable for high-grade cosmetics packaging); Good barrier, health and preservation, easy to seal, after opening can be sealed again. Therefore, cosmetic glass bottles are often used for the packaging of high-end cosmetics or some special requirements of cosmetics. 

Glass bottles used for packaging liquid cosmetics are generally small mouth bottles , mainly used for nail polish, nail polish remover, perfume and essence oil packaging. The structure and shape of glass bottles can be designed according to the needs of product packaging, and the mold can be changed during manufacturing. The bottle body can be directly decorated and printed or labeled. 

At the same time, glass bottles of different colors can be selected to meet the packaging requirements of cosmetics with different characteristics. The design of bottle cap matching with glass bottle is very important, especially the design of perfume bottle and bottle cap. Perfumes and essences oil are common liquid fragrances in daily life. They are fragrant, rich and long-lasting. Their packaging generally adopts glass bottle container, in order to adapt to its packaging requirements and noble characteristics. 

Some of the lower grade perfume (such as cologne), also can use cosmetic glass bottles to undertake packaging. Cosmetic glass bottles used for packaging perfume and essence, the shape is rich and diverse, generally use a variety of colors of transparent glass bottles for packaging, bottle processing often produce all kinds of patterns, in order to increase the decorative effect of the bottle; Bottle size specifications according to the characteristics of perfume and essence inside, requirements and grade changes; Bottle cap design sealing good, beautiful shape, can play a very good decorative role; Generally, the bottle body does not print patterns (even if the pattern is printed, the pattern is small, and does not affect the overall display effect of the bottle), but to show the product's clear and transparent characteristics. The trademark and pattern are usually printed on the cap of the bottle, or the nameplate is hung on the neck.

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