Composition of the Cosmetic Foam Pump

Oct 31, 2022

Composition of the Cosmetic Foam Pump


1. The dispenser is divided into tying and screw. To the function , including sprayer pump, foundation ,lotion pump,aerosol,airless pump.


2. The size is decided by the neck size of bottles . The size of sprayer pump is 12.5-24mm, and the water yield is 0.1-0.2ml every time ,which usually used in perfume and gel water.The dunt can be customized by the bottle length.


3. The size of lotion is bigger,which is 16-38ml and the water yield is 0.28-3.1ml every time.It is also used is lotion and cleaner.


4. There are some special dispenser,such as foam and trigger sprayer pump. The foam is airless, which only pushes the high quality foam coming.The trigger sprayer is used to cleaner.


5. The composition is complicated ,including,cover, presser top,collar, inner pad,piston, spring, valve, cap,dunt.The collar can be colorful, electroplated and electroplating aluminum. Because of many complicated compositions, a whole pump need many molds,the MOQ is high, the lead time is 15-20 days.But the white always has spot goods.


6. The airless bottle usually is round shape ,which has less capacity. It`s principle is atmospheric pressure, avoid pollution cased by the cosmetic in the process of use.The productions are colourful bottle, electroplating aluminum , electroplating plastic, and the cost is higher .


7.The molding of pump is seldom created,the cost is so expensive.

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