Cosmetic packaging materials commonly usage

Oct 24, 2022

Cosmetic packaging materials commonly usage

1、PP 、PE

It is an EC-friendly material, which can be directly contacted with cosmetics and food. It is

the main material for packaging organic skin care products. The material is naturally white and

translucent. Depending on the molecular structure, three different degrees of hardness and

softness can be achieved. 


PET material is soft, its main characteristics are high air tightness, good compressive

strength, high water resistance, transparent, its transparency is up to 95%, than other commonly

used plastic packaging containers are high transparency, but not heat resistant. PET is an

environmentally friendly material, which is the main material for filling organic skin care products.

It is commonly used as the packaging material for food, beverage bottles and makeup bottles. Because of its high air tightness and no capillary holes, PET is commonly used as the packaging

container for alcohol. 


Its main characteristics are good acid and alkaline resistance, hardness, tensile strength and

creep is better than low density polyethylene, processed with it made of products are translucent, heat resistance is poor, do packaging containers will have pores, often used in medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles shell packaging and other plastic products. 


Because of its low molecular density, so soft than HDPE, with it processed into products are

translucent, heat resistant, capillary pores, but it is acid-alkaline good, with this material

processing containers are often used in chemical products such as cleanser, plastic water bottle, makeup bottle hose and so on . 


PCTA is a kind of copolymer polyester plastic raw material. With high transparency, excellent

low temperature toughness, tear resistance and good processability, excellent chemical

resistance, electroplating, fuel injection, resist scratching, density is 16% lower than that of PC, processing costs 40% lower than that of PC, printing, coloring, electroplating performance is poor, toughness 3 times higher than transparent ABS, in line with the European RoHS environmental

protection directive, suitable for high grade cosmetic packaging. 


PETG is a kind of transparent plastic, with glass transparency and close to glass density, high

gloss, chemical corrosion resistance, impact resistance, easy processing, injection molding,

injection pull blowing molding and extrusion blowing molding. It can also produce unique shapes,

looks and special effects, such as bright colors, scrub, marble texture, metallic gloss, etc. Can be

used as perfume bottle and bottle cap, cosmetic bottle and bottle cap, lipstick tube, cosmetic

case and other packaging materials source. 


AS hardness is not high, more crisp , transparent color, and the background color blue, can

directly contact with cosmetics, food, in the ordinary emulsion bottle vacuum bottle is generally

used to make the material of the bottle body, can also be used to make small capacity of cream



ABS belongs to engineering glass, not environmental protection, color is yellow or milky

white, high hardness, can not directly contact with cosmetics, food, in cosmetics packaging

materials are generally used to make inner cover, shoulder sleeve materials. 


Acrylic with good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy

processing, beautiful appearance, hard material, in order to maintain the transparent texture

often into the bottle spray, or in the injection process of color, often used in cosmetics bottle cap, bottle packaging

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