What role does cosmetic soft tube play in cosmetic packaging?

Apr 12, 2022

For cosmetic tube packaging

The body of the cosmetic tube should be complete,smooth,smooth and uniform and it not only a container but also a fashion product。It needs all kinds of shapes and rich colors。For now,it has more advantages for glass and plastic in this way。

Cosmetic tube is an essential goods in cosmetic packaging.The function of cosmetic tube in cosmetic packaging :

1.Eliminate part of the air(oxygen)in the packaging container,it can effective prevent filler spoilage.

2.The use of the barrier(air tightness)good packaging materials and stirct sealing technology and requirements. It can effectively avoid the exchange of the filler and can avoid filler weight loss,tasteless and secondary pollution.

The gas of the cosmetic tube has been eliminated and quicken the conduction of the heat.It not only could improve the fungicidal efficiency and also could avoid the cracke beacuse of the gas expansion.

In food industry,cosmetic tube is very popular to use.A varity of filler which needs to preservation used more cosmetic tube .

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