Knowledge of the cosmetic tube

Apr 15, 2022

Knowledge of the cosmetic tube

Some products will close their tail after filling, Usual close tail includes straight grain sealing tail、twill sealing tail、umbrella sealing tail、star sealing tail、special-shaped sealing tail. It can print the date codes at the end of the sealing.

The cosmetic tube can be made into a color tube、transparent tubes 、colored or frosted、bead light tube and it's different between matte and glossy. Matte looks elegant but easily dirty. Color tubes and large-area printing can judge from the notch of the tail. It's white of the large area printing tube at the notch. With high ink requirements, otherwise, it will easily peel and crack after folding and show white marks.

The cosmetic tube production cycle is 30-30 days commonly. Order quality is 5000- 10000, large scale factory  MOQ  is  10000  usually. Few small factory  MOQ  is  3000  with various tubes.  Very few customers will open mold and most of them will use universal mold. There is a ± 10% deviation between order quantity with actual quantity in this industry.

The price will be really different because of the difference in tube quality and different manufacturers. A plate-making charge is  200-300 for each color. Multi-color printing and silk screen printing can be used to tube bodies. Individual manufacturers have the technology and equipment for hot transfer printing. The price of the gold hot stamping and silver hot stamping is calculated according to the areas. Silkscreen printing has a good effect but the cost is more expensive and few manufacturers do this process. We should choose different manufacturers for different requirements.
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