How many drops of essential oil are in a milliliter?

Apr 01, 2022

How many drops of essential oil are in a milliliter?

This is a question that people who use essential oil often ask.


Our best answer is: when measuring essential oils, the dropper and pipette are different. The tips of each manufacturer's pipettes and droppers appear to have holes of different sizes. Whether the pipette or dropper is made of glass or plastic will also affect the measurement of droplets.

The standard of aromatherapy essential oil drops is 20 drops per ml of essential oil. Of course, it depends on the viscosity (thickness) of the essential oil.


The less thick oil drops per milliliter and thin oil drops per milliliter. Thicker and heavier oils such as Patchouli or sandalwood have developed into larger pipettes, while orange citrus oil like thin oil will produce smaller and faster drops. After dripping, more droplets will be produced per milliliter.


Unfortunately, there's no way to know how many actual counts your dropper will give you unless you sit down and experiment with every essential oil and dropper you're going to use.

The only thing I can say is that when you have a pipette / dropper in your hand, you need to measure 1 ml - if your pipette is marked, then suck 1 ml into the dropper. Then count the drops.

This will get the number of droplets, and you will know how many droplets your pipette can give you per milliliter.


Then there is the factor of pressure - sometimes the greater the pressure, the size of droplets will change! Droplets with too fast pressure may be smaller, and droplets with too soft pressure may be larger! Ah Many variables.


A major factor is how the manufacturer designs the dropper. The disposable pipette of ordinary or conventional size (most commonly used by aromatherapy therapists) we carry can produce about 20-25 drops per ml, but the pipette with fine tip or fine tip can produce 45-50 drops per ml.


It is very important to know that you are mixing and following recipes. Since most recipes specify drops, they use a standard of 20-25 drops. However, if you are using a thin tip or thin tip pipette, you need to use 2 drops of pipette for each drop of pipette in the mixed formula required by the formula.


When you mix essential oils, the most important thing is to calculate the number of drops per milliliter of essential oil - you need to write it down. When you create your recipe mix, etc., try to always use the same style or type of dropper - so at least your recipe will come out consistent.


When mixing and mixing a small amount, the dropping method is safe. When mixing and mixing large quantities, you will want to actually use ml (milliliter), rather than counting and counting by the number of drops. Most of the formulations found on the birch hills aromatherapy LLC website are easily converted to ML when mixed and used in large quantities.


So generally speaking, when you use a conventional disposable pipette, you need 20-25 drops per milliliter and 45-50 drops per milliliter for a fine tip or fine tip pipette.

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