Plastic soft tube structure and cap type

Sep 21, 2022

Plastic Soft tube is divided into signal layer tube,2/5 layers tube, their differences are press, permeate,and touch.For example ,5 layers tube is comprised of inside-layer, outside-layer , bonding layer , and blocked layer. Special: With excellent gas barrier performance, can effectively prevent oxygen and odor gas infiltration, and to prevent the fragrance of the content and the exudation of active ingredients. 

Composite: PE Tube+cover, according to thick wall ,signal layers tube (more used for low cost), 2 layers PE tube (great seal-ability). Shape:round tube(more used for low cost), oblate tube (need to close tail). It always fits cover: screw cap(signal layer or 2 layers,but many 2 layers cap is electroplating and beautiful),flip cap

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