The Printing Process On The Glass Bottle

Sep 02, 2022

The printing process in the glass bottle has five types:

Silk screen printing: one is high temperature ink screen printing, which is characterized by not easy to decoloring , color is heavy and dumb, purple color is difficult to achieve the effect, the other is low temperature ink screen printing, color is bright, high requirements for ink, otherwise easy to fall off, and pay attention to bottle disinfection.  

Hot stamping: is a thin layer of paper hot stamping on top, so there is no screen printing concave convex. Hot stamping is best not directly on PE and PP these two materials, need to be heat transfer before hot stamping or have a good hot stamping paper can also be directly hot stamping.  

Water transfer printing: it is an irregular printing process carried out in water.  The lines printed are inconsistent, and the price is more expensive. 

Heat transfer printing: heat transfer printing is used for large quantity and complex printing products.  It belongs to attaching a layer of film on the surface, and the price is expensive.  

Offset printing: used for aluminum hose and plastic hose, offset printing if it is a color hose white must use silk screen,offset printing will have a background color through, sometimes attached to the surface of the hose a layer of bright film or dumb film.

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