The importance of cosmetic glass bottle transparency

Oct 30, 2018

Transparency is a major trend in today's cosmetic packaging. Glass bottles and crystal bottles have long been widely used in the packaging of luxury goods such as perfumes and spices. Nowadays, through the efforts of chemists and plastics producers, plastic products have achieved the transparent properties that were previously only available in glass. Plastic resins are becoming more and more transparent, so they can be molded into bottles close to the appearance of glass. These resins not only have improved transparency but also wear resistance. The new plastic bottles can also be dyed in a variety of colors, even after anti-UV treatment, the transparency is not reduced. HeinzPlastics' Heavy PET plastic bottle uses PET injection molding technology and is the industry's first plastic bottle with a wall thickness of 3mm. Thick-walled plastic bottles are extremely popular and maintain a long-term growth rate. At the show, Abbiati & Fabbri Srl. launched the Bell collection of color cosmetics with a transparent window on the lid. These make-up boxes are co-extruded and machined with a transparent window on the front side, saving cost and production time. This transparent window not only attracts the attention of consumers, but also displays its products well.

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