The price of paper packaging has risen

Jun 15, 2019

The price of raw paper has continued to rise. Especially after the concept of low-carbon economy is gradually clear, with the promulgation and implementation of a series of policies and regulations, China's paper industry will be more affected, and some factories have to increase investment in environmental protection. Carry out necessary technical transformations to reduce environmental pollution. In some places, factories have to consider relocation, and some small-scale factories with poor conditions have to close down. These conditions have led to an increase in the cost of raw paper production, a decline in the production of base paper, and a change in the supply chain of raw paper in some areas. The price of the base paper is stable.
However, for the phenomenon of skyrocketing paper prices in 2016, although many companies are complaining, there are also companies that are in a good position. Some people say that this is an inevitable process of shuffling the industry. Environmental protection is one of the trends in the industry.

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