The green future of cosmetic packaging bottles

Dec 01, 2018

Now in the market, for a cosmetic, the consumer is most concerned about the brand → outer packaging → the products; however, the cosmetic packaging bottle condenses the efforts of the producers, and even the proportion of the product price low. Taking 2016 as an example, the market size of China's cosmetics packaging industry is about 25.7 billion yuan. In the first quarter of 2017, the market size of China's cosmetics packaging industry reached 6.7 billion yuan, operating income was 5.46 billion, and total profit reached 330 million. According to the forecast of the British business information consulting service company: In 2016, the size of the international cosmetics packaging market is expected to reach 32.4 billion US dollars. Traditional cosmetics packaging mainly consists of paper, plastic, glass, and metal. With the concept of green and environmental protection continuing to penetrate the hearts of the people, cosmetic bottles have begun to take off the “green wind”. A variety of innovative environmentally friendly materials are constantly being applied to this industry.

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