The foreign cosmetic glass packing market grows slowly

May 24, 2019

As a glass packaging industry closely related to the cosmetics industry, with the rapid development of the cosmetics industry, it will certainly bring the prosperity and development of the "vial" manufacturing industry, which has been reflected in the development of the glass packaging industry in foreign cosmetics industry.Judging from the ambitious expansion plans of some foreign glass manufacturers, the cruel competition is around us and will definitely affect the glass packaging industry in the domestic cosmetics industry.For glass manufacturers in the domestic cosmetics industry, instead of "better late than never", why not build a solid defense line now and defend their own piece of cake?
The past and present of glass packaging industry
After years of sluggish growth and competition from other materials, the glass packaging industry is coming back from the doldrums.In recent years, the glass packaging industry in the cosmetic crystal market growth rate of only 2%, resulting in its slow growth is due to competition from other materials and sluggish global economic growth, but now appears to be on the upturn momentum.On the positive side, glass manufacturers are benefiting from the rapid growth of high-end skin care products and the high demand for glass products.In addition, glass manufacturers are looking for growth opportunities in emerging markets as well as constantly updated production processes.
In fact, on the whole, glass manufacturers remain optimistic about the prospects of the glass packaging industry, despite the fact that there are competing materials in the specialty line and perfume markets.Many people believe that these competing packaging materials simply cannot compete with glass products in terms of attracting customers and displaying brands and crystal positions."It may be that different countries have different preferences for glass, but France, which dominates the cosmetics industry, is not so keen on plastic," said Bu Shed Lingenberg, director of marketing and communications at the Gerresheimer group, a glassmaker.However, chemical materials are not without their place in the professional and cosmetic markets.In the United States, dupont and Eastman chemicals make products that are equal in weight to and feel like glass, and are partly in the perfume market.But Patrick Etahaubkrd, head of North America at the Italian company, is sceptical that plastics can compete with glass. "the competition we really see is the packaging," she says.
Glass packaging opens up new markets
For example, Sain Gobain Desjongueres(SGD) is signed to sign on for international development. It has set up businesses in Europe and the americas.
However, the company also encountered considerable difficulties two years ago, leading to a decision by the leadership to close a number of glass furnaces.SGD is now preparing to develop itself in emerging markets.These include not only markets in which it has a presence, such as Brazil, but also unexplored ones, such as eastern Europe and Asia."As brands expand into the region, they need glass suppliers," says Therry Le Goff, SGD's head of marketing.
Simply put, both suppliers and manufacturers are looking for new customers when expanding into new markets, so glass manufacturers are no exception.Many people still believe that in the west, glass manufacturers have an advantage in glass products.But they insist that the quality of glass sold in China is inferior to that in Europe.However, this advantage cannot be maintained forever, so now western glass manufacturers are analyzing the competitive pressure they will face in the Chinese market.
Asia is a untapped market for Gerresheimer, but German companies are unlikely to turn their attention away from it."To be successful today," lin-genberg insists, "you have to be truly global."

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