Skin care packaging development

Mar 25, 2019

In the field of skin care products, durable and exquisite packaging is endless. The above-mentioned people in the industry, taking the crystal series products produced by a certain cosmetics company in the north as an example, said that because the paste manufacturing process is quite unique, the fully functional computerized paste machine is used to make various essences of the essence into spherical particles. , silky flowers and other shapes, placed in a transparent gel, not only the appearance of crystal clear, stylish and beautiful, but also because of its complete sealing of the essence, and the use of active metal ions conduction, making it more than the general paste Shaped skin care products restore skin's natural vitality more quickly and effectively, eliminating skin problems. Therefore, the designer considers the aesthetics of the paste, and in the selection of the outer packaging bottle, there is a tendency to select a plexiglass material with good transparency, strong plasticity, the same feel and glass and stronger, and then with quality. The high-gloss gold and silver bottle caps hope to give this crystal series cosmetics a luxurious and fashionable product connotation. And the facts that follow confirm that they have chosen the right package. It is reported that this series of products, once put on the market, has been favored by its target consumer group, young and middle-aged female consumers. Protective, functional and decorative can not be less "In general, cosmetics packaging should be protective, functional and decorative. According to market research, we predict that this 'three-in-one' is the future cosmetic packaging.

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