Rapid development of the cosmetics industry

Jun 06, 2019

"The heart of beauty, everyone has it", cosmetics has become an essential daily necessities for people, and its fashion color is accepted by more and more people. Since ancient times, people have pursued beauty. Women use rouge, gouache and eyebrows to beautify their looks, which shows the long history of cosmetics.
With the continuous development of the times, modern women have a new understanding of beauty, and have further understanding of cosmetic packaging; color cosmetics and skin care functions are gradually differentiated, and the functionality of products is gradually becoming more singular, segmented; cosmetics The market is becoming younger and more sophisticated.
The injection of a new generation of consumer groups has become the main force in the cosmetics consumer market. In the era of rapid Internet development, information acquisition is faster, and with the increase of autonomy, consumers are no longer blindly pursuing. They pay attention to the function, effect, popularity and appearance of cosmetic products; as consumers' consumption power continues to grow and With the continuous upgrading of consumer concepts, high-end cosmetics are increasingly favored by consumers.

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