PE soft tube introduction

Mar 15, 2022

PE soft tube introduction

PE plastic soft tube packaging is an essential kind of packaging in the cosmetic area, which can be classified into many categories. For example, according to the different processing technology, there are two types: seam and seamless. If classified according to different materials, there are single-layer and multi-layer. At the same time, in recent years, this kind of tube has been widely used and developed very rapidly. So what are the characteristics of PE plastic tube packaging?


1. The appearance of PE plastic tube packaging is very beautiful and users can choose different kinds and different colors according to their own needs. At the same time, this kind of tube is very clean, sanitary, and easy to use, so it is widely used in the packaging area of drugs and cosmetics.


2. The oxygen in the air is basically eliminated from the inside of PE plastic tube packaging, which can effectively prevent the deterioration of food when used for packaging. In addition, due to the discharge of gas, the internal heat conduction will be faster, which can not only effectively sterilize the packaged goods, but also avoid the gas expansion caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction, and damage the dry packaging container during heating and sterilization. This special piece can be preserved for a long time with dry food to ensure that it will not deteriorate even if it is placed for a period of time.


3. Packing with this material is not only very convenient and portable but also can reduce the cost and is relatively economical. Even if you squeeze your whole body when you carry it with you, it can be restored to its original state and maintain its original bright appearance in a period of time. At the same time, its economy is also an important reason why many people choose it.


4. PE plastic tube packaging has good air tightness on the packaging, so it is widely used in some places with high requirements for sealing. It can not only effectively prevent the exchange of different substances, but also prevent secondary pollution in the air, and avoid the loss of original flavor and weight of food due to poor sealing.


PE plastic soft tube packaging is a special type of plastic packaging. Many people usually don't care, but in the field of body packaging, plastic tube packaging is a good choice from cosmetics to dental ointment. The extrusion characteristics of PE plastic tube packaging can not be replaced by other packaged products.


For PE plastic tube packaging, whether a tube is good or not, and whether it is convenient to squeeze, too hard or too soft will affect the consumer experience. The other is the residue of drug breeding. The paste is easy to remain at the mouth of the bottle, and the user is not easy to stay in the bottle. These two problems should be solved in PE plastic tube packaging.


It can be seen from many excellent and special parts of PE plastic tube packaging that it is widely used, especially in the packaging of some food, drugs, and cosmetics. However, for this reason, its application field still has a lot of room to expand.

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