Glass bottles Recycling received resistance

Jan 11, 2019

Many women have a personal experience, a bottle of lotion is used up, and it is a pity to throw away the exquisite cosmetic bottle. It is more and more occupied at home. It is not a beer bottle that can be recycled now. If the cosmetics manufacturer also It is good to recycle cosmetic bottles. Like Ms. Chen, many consumers hope that cosmetics manufacturers can recycle cosmetic bottles on a regular basis, which can solve the similar problems of consumers and avoid the repeated production and waste of packaging resources. However, although cosmetic bottles are beautifully made and of good quality, recycling is not that simple.
It is understood that the high-quality glass material for cosmetic bottles can be used for refilling after being cleaned by a professional cleaning machine after being used. However, most cosmetics manufacturers believe that by recycling glass bottles such as cosmetic bottles and health care bottles and reusing them, the reduction and transportation costs for recycling channels will be higher than the packaging of new glass bottles, which makes glass bottles recycling received resistance.

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