Glass bottle frosting process and sand blasting process

Jun 14, 2019

Sandblasting A work that uses compressed air as a power to propel the abrasive to the surface of the workpiece is called sand blasting. That is, we often say shot blasting and shot peening. Because sand was the only abrasive that could be used in the early stages of shot blasting technology, shot blasting was known as sand blasting at that time and for quite some time.
Scrub is a process in which an object whose surface is smooth is not smooth, and the light is irradiated on the surface to form a diffuse reflection. The matte treatment in chemistry is to mechanically grind or manually grind the glass with an abrasive such as silicon carbide, silica sand or pomegranate powder to form a uniform rough surface, or to process the surface of the glass or the like with a hydrofluoric acid solution. The product becomes frosted glass. Scrub in beauty is the use of scrub to remove keratin. The effect is good, but it can not be used. It should be determined according to your skin condition. Excessive number of scrubs will cause the skin's newborn cells to be “grounded” before they form a self-protective film. Pathogens such as bacteria from the outside world will become invaded, making delicate skin more susceptible to external damage such as ultraviolet rays.

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