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Jan 03, 2019

A domestic brand engineer told the reporter of Cosmetics Finance Online that according to its understanding, the Asia-Pacific region is the main source of income for the cosmetics packaging market. In 2016, the region accounted for 32.5% of the global cosmetics packaging market and is expected to maintain this growth in the next few years.
Transparency market research says that as more and more young people become urbanized, getting more disposable income is also one of the drivers of growth. The analysis pointed out: "Packaging innovation may have a greater impact on young people, and this part of the population is the main target group of most cosmetics companies."
In addition, research shows that plastic is still expected to be the first choice in future cosmetic packaging; however, due to the increasing use of glass in high-end products, it will also occupy an "important share"; environmental protection is a hot topic in recent years, packaging paper and the use of wood will also show an upward trend.

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