Cosmetic packing glass plastic has advantages

Sep 29, 2018

General cosmetics are mostly liquid, emulsion or paste, do not have a bright appearance.Itappearance.It must pass exquisite, distinctive packaging design, just can show its own characteristic.Therefore, cosmetics generally rely on packaging to achieve a good sales.Insales.In addition to metals, plastic and glass are currently the main cosmetic packaging container materials.Because plastic is light and cheap, easy to form scale production, can make the bottle of all sorts of specification size, transparent, opaque and all sorts of color, and printing performance is very good, can use heat transfer printing, inkjet, printing and so on method to print manual, mark, barcode directly in container surface.

Clarity is pure, nobility is elegant, it is the glamour place of glass bottle.Compared with plastic bottles, their heavy weight adds trust.The special visual effect of the frosted glass bottle is far more than that of the plastic bottle.

In addition, to gas has high barrier sex, also make vitreous bottle becomes perfume to wait for the product of easy volatilization, easy lose fragrance to choose wrap material.

Cosmetic, especially whitening, nutrition series cosmetics, as food contains a lot of nutrients, but they are easy to be oxidized.This has put forward the very high request to the packing material sealing sex, the glass bottle obstructive sex is strong, no doubt in the protection content aspect is more competent than the plastic bottle.

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