Cosmetic packaging prospects are good glass packaging still has irreplaceable advantages

May 20, 2019

Visiongain, a london-based business information consultancy, has published a 231-page report on the prospects of the cosmetic packaging market for materials and USES in 2016-2026. The report says the size of the international cosmetic packaging market is expected to reach $32.4 billion this year.What is the future of plastic and glass packaging as the two main forms of cosmetic bottle packaging?
Generally speaking, the texture of cosmetics is divided into solid granule (powder), liquid and emulsion makeup, cream makeup, such a form of bottle packaging in the cosmetics packaging more widely used.At the same time, cosmetics themselves do not have a distinctive appearance, it must be through exquisite and unique packaging design, to be able to show its own characteristics.
In the current situation, the plastic texture of the bottle packaging significant advantages.It is light and inexpensive, and can be made into a variety of sizes, transparent, opaque appearance.At the same time, the plastic bottle packaging printing performance is very good, can use heat transfer printing, inkjet, printing and other methods to the instruction, logo, barcode printed directly on the surface of the container.In recent years, PET resin has developed rapidly in the application of cosmetic containers, which has promoted a great revolution in replacing glass bottles with plastic.Plastic products have occupied more than 80% of the cosmetics packaging market and become the most important packaging containers for cosmetics.
Glass bottles make up less than 8% of cosmetic packaging than plastic.However, glass still has irreplaceable advantages in this field. In the short term, glass is still the preferred material for high-end cosmetics. The reasons for this situation are as follows.
For one thing, glass bottles are better than plastic ones.Noble and elegant is the glamour place of vitreous bottle, it can make it ground arenaceous type also can be transparent, at the same time the sense of depth of vitreous bottle can make the trustworthiness of consumer is multiplied, raise cosmetic class, this is plastic package cannot accomplish.At present, most perfume packaging or the use of glass bottles.For example, the female perfume of Italian BVLGARI, its package design was inherited delicate and outstanding tradition, with streamline glass bottle of face to face arenaceous outstanding its concise line, bottle body is downy emerald green, convey a pure and fresh elegant and friendly trait
Secondly, the sealing of glass bottle packaging is better.To a few have the cosmetic of beautiful white, nutrition effect, they contain a large number of nutrition composition like food, be oxidized extremely easily however, the package that this asks them needs to have extremely good sealing sex, cut off the effect of oxygen to these cosmetic.In addition, have volatile perfume to pack high cut off a gender to also have very tall requirement.Glass bottles are stronger barrier, no doubt in the protection of the contents of the more competent than plastic bottles.Therefore, some go high-end line of cosmetics or glass bottle packaging as the first choice
At present, plastic bottle packaging occupies a large share in cosmetic packaging and is widely used, but glass bottle packaging also has its irreplaceable advantages.In the future, cosmetics packaging with glass texture should still go high-end, and at the same time increase its technological content.

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