Cosmetic bottle packaging is mainly plastic and glass two materials

May 22, 2019

Over the years, China's cosmetics market has been growing at an average annual rate of 15 percent, and has begun to take shape.In 2002, the whole market achieved a total sales of 45 billion yuan.It is estimated that its total market sales in 2010 will reach 80 billion yuan.As the main packaging materials in this market, plastics and glass will also have a greater use.
The general cosmetic majority presents for the liquid, the emulsion body or the cream shape, does not have the bright appearance.It must be through exquisite, unique packaging design, to show its own characteristics.Therefore, cosmetics generally rely on packaging in order to achieve good sales.Plastic and glass are the main cosmetic packaging container materials used at present, among which the amount of plastic is the most.
Although the variety of cosmetics, different functions, but in terms of its external form and packaging adaptability, there are mainly the following categories: solid cosmetics, solid granular (powder) cosmetics, liquid and emulsion cosmetics, cream cosmetics.According to different forms, packaging forms are different.
The current situation, because plastic light and cheap, easy to produce scale, can make various specification size, transparent, opaque, and various kinds of color of the bottle, and printing function is very good, can put the package insert by adopting the method of thermal transfer, inkjet, printing, logo, barcode printing directly on the surface of the container.Therefore, plastic products have occupied more than 80% of the cosmetics packaging market, become the most important packaging containers for cosmetics.In the past, cosmetics were usually packaged in glass bottles. However, due to the variety of glass containers, even if there was a good design idea, due to the limitations of technology and materials, it often could not be realized.
And plastic material has wind extremely in this respect however, not only source is plentiful, and model machine can be good, can make the plastic container such as the bottle of all sorts of structure and modelling, can undertake all sorts of adornment and decorate a design.
Coupled with the rapid development of PET resin in cosmetic containers in recent years, it has led to a great revolution in replacing glass bottles with plastic.
However, we should also note that, although glass bottles account for no more than 8% of the cosmetic packaging containers, they still have an irreplaceable advantage in this packaging field and remain the preferred material for high-end cosmetics in the short term.
Lucid purity, noble and elegant, is the charm of the glass bottle.Compared with plastic bottles, its heavy weight makes people double the sense of trust;And the visual effect with peculiar glass bottle of opaque arenaceous, it is plastic bottle cannot compare far more.
Many perfume manufacturers prefer to use this kind of container to package their products, for example, Italian BVLGARI women's perfume, whose packaging design inherits the tradition of fine and excellent, with streamlined glass bottle raised its concise line, bottle body is downy emerald green, convey a pure and fresh elegant and friendly trait.In addition, have high cut off sex to gas, also make vitreous bottle becomes the first selection that the product such as perfume volatilizes, easy to come loose lose fragrance packs material.
Cosmetics, especially whitening and nutrition cosmetics, contain a lot of nutrients just like food, but they are easily oxidized.This on the packaging of sealing put forward very high requirements, glass bottles of strong resistance, no doubt in the protection of the content of the more competent than plastic bottles.
With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous enhancement of public opinions on environmental protection, paper packaging has been applied more and more widely in commodities and the demand is increasing.Vacuum aluminized paper is one of them.Aluminum coated paper is mainly composed of base paper, aluminum layer and coating, due to good gloss and smoothness, good flexibility, aluminum spray layer fastness, beautiful and environmental protection.The main consumer group of cosmetics is female. The beauty of cosmetics package has a great influence on the status of cosmetics in women's mind and their preference for specific brands.Vacuum aluminized paper printed transparent multicolor ink, can give a noble and rich metallic luster, at the same time to give a psychological hint: with this kind of cosmetics after their own color according to people, and easy to print.Vacuum aluminized paper is easy to be processed by laser holography.According to the needs of different cosmetics can be printed on the packaging of flash laser LOCO or specific beautiful patterns, both beautiful and fresh and easy to identify, but also make counterfeit and shoddy products daunting.But as far as the whole cosmetic market is concerned, the packaging materials are still mainly plastic and glass.

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