Cosmatic packaging

Apr 12, 2019

Glass because of its special brightness effect and satisfactory weight, permeate a natural delicate sense, and become the main material of high-grade cosmetics, for high-grade cosmetics or volatile, easy to lose the fragrance of cosmetics, such as perfume, are generally packaged in glass bottles.
Through the analysis of the development prospect of cosmetics packaging, many cosmetics manufacturers have begun to pay attention to environmental protection issues, in the selection of cosmetics packaging materials also join the consideration of environmental protection, considering whether these materials can be recycled, which is in line with the growing awareness of environmental protection.In the field of cosmetics packaging, with the improvement of technical level, the development of packaging gradually highlights the characteristics of personalized highlight and innovation, the introduction and application of new technology and technology, the development and replacement of new environmental protection materials, safe and convenient packaging will be more popular in the market.
In addition, as more consumers embrace the shopping network, packaging will play a key role in the e-commerce experience between brands and consumers.Shopping is more and more popular all over the world, and it can be seen everywhere in the global market.Although the main advantage of shopping online is convenience, consumers' expectations still come more from their favorite brands.When the designed packaging needs to be viewed online, or when the shipping packaging needs to be opened when it gets home, the e-commerce packaging experience must reflect what consumers expect when they are in the store shopping.
By analyzing the development prospect of cosmetic packaging, the design principle of "essentialism" can bridge the inevitable ambivalence of consumers when they make enlightened and confident purchasing decisions.Brands must bring a new generation of clean labels to packaging design, providing consumers with a calm, clear moment in an increasingly busy retail environment.Simple and clear, will certainly form a clear flow in the increasingly busy society.
Finally, the brand will look at modern packaging to lure younger consumers back to the less frequented aisles.Packaging made of transparent materials creates a sense of openness and trust, and is in line with the interests of millennial consumers -- fresher and healthier.Modern design, recycling and unique appearance can also attract young consumers.
With the development of packaging printing technology, digital printing, no plate printing, no plate die-cutting technology began to be widely used in the packaging printing industry, and the development and application of Internet technology, packaging printing and processing costs gradually reduced, making personalized packaging design gradually become a reality.To the cosmetic with very strong sex of times, individual character impression is a very important psychological factor.Above is the cosmetic packaging development prospects of all the analysis.

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