Airless Packaging Market Continues to Grow

Apr 15, 2019

Since the mid 1980’s, airless packaging has played a key role in the packaging industry and it’s no surprise. Cosmetic brands gravitate towards airless packaging because it extends the shelf life of a product; however, there are other factors that have lead to this segments growth.
According to Transparency Market Research (TMR), the demand for airless packaging continues to increase at an astounding rate that is estimated to produce $6.34 billion in sales through 2024!
Let’s take a look at why leading brands in the cosmetic industry continue to rely on this form of packaging for their products:
Airless packaging usually provides a non-pressurized system that enables an air-tight seal. This kind of technology can positively impact your brand! Skin care products with natural and active ingredients continue to dominate the market, so brands require a mechanism that will reliably seal and limit contaminants.
Stylish packaging is a game changer when attracting potential buyers. Airless pumps offer more than functionality; their sleek appearance gives off a luxurious vibe that will increase the value of your product.

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