Usage of glass bottles in cosmetics

Aug 03, 2022

Using of glass bottles in cosmetics 

(cream bottles, serums, toners, essential oil bottles)

Glass bottles used for cosmetics are mainly divided into skin care products (creams, lotions), foundations, perfumes, essential oils, and nail polish in several categories, a capacity greater than 200ml is rarely used on cosmetics.

Glass bottles are also divided into wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles.

Solid creams are generally used in wide-mouth bottles, it is appropriate to match the electrochemical aluminum cap or plastic lid, the cap can be used for color spray oil and other effects, such as cream bottles, mask bottles, and other commonly used wide-mouth bottles;.

Emulsions or water-based creams are generally used in narrow-mouth bottles, which should be equipped with a pump head, such as a lid, which should be equipped with an inner plug to prevent leakage, and a small inner plug for water-based agents, and a large inner plug for thicker emulsions.

Essential oil bottles are usually teal or tinted frosted, protected from light, with a safety ring lid and either a stopper or dropper, while perfume bottles are usually fitted with a delicate spray pump head or plastic lid.

The combinations are in the following forms.

1, Cream bottle series: glass bottle + double-layer plastic outer cap (general capacity in 10g-50g)

2、Essence series: glass bottle + plastic pump head or electrochemical aluminum pump head (general capacity in 20 to 100ml)

3、Toner series: glass bottle + plastic inner stopper + outer cap (100ml or more, also with pump head)

4、Essential oil bottle series: glass body + inner stopper + large head cap or rubber head + dropper + electro-aluminium cap

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