Three tips for cosmetic packaging recycling

Nov 03, 2018

Environmental awareness has been raised, and many revolutions are being carried out. In addition to restricting plastic bags and plastic straws, the problem of excessive use of cardboard,cosmetic glass bottle, cosmetic plastic bottle etc. in packaging has long been difficult to solve. According to a recent study by Zero Waste, the cosmetics industry produces 12 million packages a year, using only one piece of cardboard, consuming 18 million acres of forest each year, up to 2050, globally. In the landfill, only the plastic waste generated by the beauty industry is expected to reach 12 billion tons.
We love the beauty,we also love the Earth, and after seeing shocking statistics, you may want to improve. As more and more big brands begin to follow the footsteps of environmental awareness pioneers, what can we do to reduce the damage to the environment caused by beauty products? Here are some simple ways to get environmentally conscious tasks while having beautiful beauty products:
1. Candle glass reuse
2. Old powder box storage small things
3. Turn the perfume bottle into a diffuser

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